Wearing your Cargo Shorts Right by Mixing and Matching With Your Favorite Items From Head to Toe

Published: 26th October 2009
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Wearing cargo shorts has been a major fashion blunder in the past years. This is not the case anymore today since fashion gurus claim the cargo shorts as one of the most timeless creations in the world of fashion.

There are men's cargo shorts and women's cargo shorts everywhere. You can find them in apparel stores and online shops in different fabrics, designs that can be matched with different accessories. The comfort and style of the cargo shorts magnet men and women of different ages.

How to wear your cargo shorts

Some think that you can not go wrong wearing a cargo shorts but it can be a fashion disaster when you wear them wrong. Whether you are going for a camo cargo shorts, khaki cargo, or denim cargo shorts, here are some reminders so you will look great on your cargo shorts:

Wear them right - Make sure that you get a pair of cargo shorts that fit you right. It should rest on your hip bones. Wear them a bit high and you will make your upper body really short and make you appear as if you do not have a waist.

Right length - Cargo shorts, without any pun intended, can make you look shorter if not worn right. You have to make sure that the shorts end a few inches above your knees.

Complete the Look - Don't forget to wear a belt when you go out on your cargo shorts. A leather belt can highlight the look of the loose casual wear. Sash or fabric belt will also give you that nice relax image.

Women's cargo shorts - You can pair it up with your everyday heels or wedge to dress it up a bit. A nice relax top can match the classy look.

Men's cargo shorts - Guys can combo the cargo shorts with some form fitting shirt or a grunge, comfy shirt. You can class it up a bit with a golf shirt or a button-up top. It really depends on the image you want to project.

If you want to know more about the latest trend on cargo shorts you can flip the pages of fashion magazines. Try to imitate the pictures you will see and perfect your cargo shorts get up. You will also see the different brands and give you an idea of the best thing that you can grab from the shelves of your favorite stores.

Aside from checking out the cargo shorts, you can also check men and women's accessories that go well with your style. You can scan for some bags, jewelries, hats or caps that will highlight your personality.

Remember that cargo shorts are a very simple yet stylish item that you need to have in your wardrobe. Some may not like it but who can go wrong with the style, function, and the attitude that you can have when wearing your favorite cargo shorts.

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